JCGN member types 

Members of the Japan Corporate Governance Network include individual members (regular members and associate members) and group members (supporting members).

There are two types of individual members – regular members and associate members – and they receive different services because the entry fee and annual dues paid are different. Regular members have the right to vote in general meetings of JCGN members.

Group members pay annual dues determined according to the size of the organization.


Membership Explanation Admission Fee Annual Membership Fee
Individuals Full Membership Individuals who approve the intent of JCGN Yen 30,000 Yen 50,000
Associate Membership Yen 10,000 Yen 20,000
Organizations Supporting Membership Large Corporations / Listed Corporations Yen 50,000 Yen 300,000
Other Corporations/Nonprofit Corporations Yen 50,000 Yen 100,000

*Information on events, etc. is only provided in Japanese, but invoices are also issued in English.

Composition of members inside and outside Japan

In Japan:
Individual members include former top management personnel, independent directors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, university professors, researchers and analysts.
Group members include operating companies (most are listed companies), institutional investors and consulting companies.

Institutional investors interested in corporate governance in Japan participate as group members.